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excavator  parts

Excavators, also known as excavating machines, are also known as excavators. They are used to excavate materials above or below the surface of the carrier and are loaded into the earth moving machinery of the transport vehicle or unloaded to the stockyard.

bulldozer  parts

The bulldozer is an earthmoving machine that can excavate, transport and dispose of rock and soil. It has a wide range of uses in open pit mines. For example, it is used to construct dumping sites, level car dumps, pile up scattered ore, level work flats and construction sites. It is used not only for auxiliary work, but also for major mining work. For example: stripping and mining of sand deposits, traction and boosting of scrapers and plows, and other earthmoving machines to reduce the height of stripping steps when there is no transport mining method.

Loader  parts

The loader is an earth-rock construction machine widely used in road, railway, construction, hydropower, port, mining and other construction projects. It is mainly used for shovel loading bulk materials such as soil, sand, lime, coal, etc. Hard soil, etc., for light shovel. Different auxiliary work devices can be used for loading and unloading of bulldozers, lifting and other materials such as wood.

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