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Bulldozer accessories for curing

The role of curing bulldozer accessories is as follows:

    The purpose of regular maintenance of bulldozer parts is to reduce machine failures, prolong the common faults of equipment life, increase equipment life; reduce machine equipment downtime; improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs. Just manage the fuel costs. As long as the management method is good for gasoline, grease, water and air, it can reduce common faults by 70%. In fact, about 70% of common faults are caused by poor management.

    Here's how to teach everyone how to maintain the bulldozer accessories:

    1 After the new machine is working for 250h, the fuel-gas diesel filter element and the additional fuel filter element should be replaced; check the additional gasoline-gas filter element; check the gap between the diesel engine valve.

    2 routine maintenance; inspection, cleaning or replacement of air filter; cleaning and cooling refrigeration system; inspection and tightening of track shoe bolts; inspection and adjustment of the entire track anti-tension; inspection of intake air heater; replacement of teeth; Clear the gap between the buckets; check the surface of the cleaning solution before the inspection; check and adjust the air conditioner; clean the floor of the car cab; replace the breaker filter (optional). When cleaning the inside of the cooling system, after the diesel engine is fully cooled, slowly loosen the water inlet cover and release the internal pressure of the water tank before releasing the water; do not perform cleaning work while the diesel engine is working, and the high-speed rotating fan will cause Danger is caused; when cleaning or replacing the cooling liquid, the machine should be parked on a level surface.